Friday, March 28, 2008

Career Day!

I think that this is such a funny thing! As if you really know what you want to do with your life in elementary school... I am still not sure that I know now. I am a firm believer that they can be anything that they want to be... as long as I approve (see below).

Hannah is pretty sure that she wants to be an FBI agent... we even took her photo in front of the Official FBI building in Washington DC last week. She looked pretty good with her black pant suit, dark glasses and FBI ID card.

Whitney had a difficult time. There were a few career paths that I didn't think were ummm... right/ appropriate?!... for her to dress up like. The first she wanted to dress up like was a Pro Cheerleader (I apologize to all pro-cheerleaders out there, but I imagine that a day job for pro-cheer gals to involve poles and dollar bills... call me judgemental... I'm just saying.) The second choice was a hip hop dancer... I have to admit I still hold that dream... I so wanted to be a back up dancer for MC Hammer! I just couldn't figure out what to dress her in. So Whitney ended up dressing up like a Fashion Designer. I guess she caught the Project Runway bug. She did get a sewing machine for Christmas this year... so I guess we will see. Doesn't she make the best Edith Head like designer?

And of course my Mia... I think she already is a Rock Star in her own mind. This was not much of a stretch. She looked great and had her Rawk Horns rollin'!

All in all, not bad career choices for my gals!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break in Washington DC

It was a long drive... but we managed!

Jackson Loved the ipod... which means... so did I!

We saw so many great historical sites that I could never show you all the photos... but it was awesome!

We all loved the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. The girls loved the tour of the home that he died in across the street from the Ford Theater ... I guess because it was so personal as compared to all of the statues. The home made it a little more real.

One of my favorites was the National Portrait Gallery. I loved seeing all of the different portraits of those history makers. I thought it was amazing that Joseph Smith was right there with Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and many other historical figures. But of course the most popular spot in the museum was the bathrooms where Stephen Colbert is.

The Arlington National Cemetery was vast and just incredible.

We saw so much... it was my favorite Spring Break vacation so far. The girls were great. They really took interest in the history and culture that DC had to offer! I can't wait to go again... someday.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pats Day!

No Corned beef, cabbage and green beer for us.... Nope. Every year we have Green Eggs and Ham! Here is our Annual Green Day breakfast or lunch. Have a great one!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Whitney's Haircut, Hannah is 11, and Mia got Nothing!

It was one of the craziest days that we have had in a long time!

I am going to let Whitney tell you about her special day...

I got my haircut and I donated it to locks of love. I had so much fun I got to be on the radio and got to be in the newspaper and I got to go in a limo! I had soooooooooooooo much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I cut it 10 in. off.

Hi it's hannah, it's my birthday today but yesterday I had my party and for my birthday I got my ears pierced, and today I have had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love yal. bye.

So the day started so early it was not even bright! Rich left the house at 5:30 am to get his rounds on patients done so that he could get home with Whitney and Jackson. At 7:30 am Hannah, Mia and I left for downtown St. Louis to volunteer at the big St. Louis Classic Gymnastic Meet.

At 10 am team Whitney left for the "Locks of Love" event. She was pampered. Gift baskets (plural!), tables of food while they got thier hair styled, limo ride and a full press junket (radio and newspaper photos and all)! Team Hannah met team Whitney at the event after we finished at the meet and we all had lunch. We ran home for a quick change of clothes and all the girls left for Hannah's birthday party at the gym. The boys stayed home so they could nap (They joined us later at the party).

At 4 pm, after the party we went home. Rich left again for the hospital to check on a patient. Trish came to visit, check out Whitney's hair and exchange presents with Hannah (it's Trish's Birthday too!).

When Rich got home at about 6 pm we went to the mall to peirce Hannah's ears. She was very brave. Even when she realized that she had a huge audience of mall-goers to watch her.

As we lefty the mall Mia was quite upset. She said "Whitney got her hair cut, Hannah got her ears peirced and I got NOTHING!"
Rich said, "Oh, but Mia remember... Hannah and Whitney also get to go to a birthday party later, too!"

She did not take it very well. Rich promised that he would take her wherever she wanted to go later. Which of course was.... Dairy Queen. HA!

I dropped Hannah and Whitney at their party at 7:30 pm and I ran along to be the chaparone at yet another youth dance. The girls and I made it home at 11pm and went straight to bed. It is never a good thing to have a later than normal night on the night we switch to daylight savings... Oh well!

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Real Snow Day!

We have lived in St. Louis almost five years now. They cancel school at least twice a year due to inclimate weather... but I am sure that this was the first legite snow day. It snowed for 5 hours straight... I mean real snow (we do not get much of that here. Ice and other crap, sure... but not pretty white snow.)! Here is a view down our road... no plows... just one set of tire tracks. I was sure that Rich was going to get high centered when he tried to pull into the garage... but he made it.

Jackson and Mia helped Rich shovel the driveway... by that I mean they moved the snow from one spot on the driveway to another spot that he had already shoveled.

Hannah just played outside and helped Jackson try to keep his gloves on. He was so excited that he kept shaking his hands and the gloves would just fly off.

Whitney and I just stayed inside. My back hurt and poor Whitney has another ear ache. UGHH!

The next day they called school again... no real reason except there was water on the roads. The kids loved it though and we had a little sledding party in the backyard. Whit was feeling better after getting some antibiotics and even got into a good old snow ball fight against the boys! The sleds did not work because the snow was melting so fast and was too wet. It did not stop them from playing for hours.

The snow is almost gone now, two days later... but it was fun while it lasted. It made me a little less homesick... a little!