Thursday, April 24, 2008

And the answer is...

Alrighty... let me start by saying, nobody was right!
A... I was so sick and tired, nothing but a screaming child would have gotten me out of bed!
B... Richard remains unafraid of anything except stickers, band-aids and glitter.
D... Whitney can and does still sleep through ANYTHING!
E... Mia would not give the time to anything less than a level 10 earthquake!
F... Jackson remains the greatest baby in the entire world and I am certain that he will potty train himself in a few weeks!
So that leaves me my eternally worried Hannah. She was literally in our bedroom within a split second screaming at us... and bless her heart, standing in the door frame. When I said, "It's only an Earthquake."
She answered..."But that's a natural disaster!"
It took us time to calm her down, but she did go back to bed... and so there it is. Have a good one! And I hope that no Natural disasters... or any other disaster comes your way!

Friday, April 18, 2008

There is a 5.2 Earthquake 140 miles away... who feels it?

Okay here is the question... Yes, there was a 5.2 Earthquake 140 miles East of us at 4:30am. Who felt it enough to wake up the rest of the family screaming and crying? One of these is correct.
A) mom... after the week she's had anything will freak her out!
B) dad... He may seem all tough; blood, guts, near death don't phase him... but Eathquakes are scary man!
C) Hannah... always the sensitive child, had everyone up fast enough that they could enjoy the tremor too.
D) Whitney... And I thought she could sleep through anything!
E) Mia... She has been feeling ill this week and she will find any reason to throw a fit.
F) Jackson... He just wanted to get up early.

So I'll let you know later who the culprit was!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

According to Mia

The best way to "hold it"...

While waiting in the car for dad and Whitney, Mia decided that she really had to go to the bathroom. So this was the best way to keep the urge away... according to Mia.

According to Mia... "if it happened to someone else it can happen to you!"
How did she come to this conclusion?
Mia: "Mom, I have throw up in ,my mouth."
Mom: "why?"
Mia: "It happens"
Mom: "Really, Why?"
Mia: "Mom, if it happened to someone else it can happen to you!"
Mom: -confused, questioning pause-
Hannah: "I've had it before"
So I guess, point proven.

I imagine this to be a reoccurring theme on this blog.