Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Drive

We took a quick drive to Clinton on Sunday to check out the state of the house. We left on a very rainy day in St. Louis, and so when we got to Clinton and it was 90 degrees and humid... we were a little over dressed. The girls all got out of the car and ran down to the pond.... and ended up totally muddy.

Jackson was having a great time exploring the house. He looked out every window, and ran everywhere. The only mishap was when he was in the basement... that had puddles left from the heavy rainfall we have had... he ran right into a huge puddle and dove into it just like he was sliding for home. He was soaked and loved every second of it.

The home is really going to be beautiful. We are excited for it to be finished... but it looks as though it will be a while before it will be.

I just thought that we would share a few photos of the progress.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Puddle Licker

So Jackson is having an identity crisis at the tender age of 18 months. He pants, runs after cars, makes noises at the birds, and now he has officially taken it too far!

This is what I walked outside to see. Jackson was licking the puddle in the driveway. Here are a few thoughts you may be experiencing (I did too)...


Sad, he must be so thirsty!

What a horrible mother!

So I have to believe that he is channeling his inner dog.

I will hold off on therapy until he starts to bum sniff!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I think Mia misses Gymnastics

Call Me crazy!
After the competitive gymnastic season ended this year Whitney and Mia decided that they wanted to take a break. It has been kinda nice. I do not have to go to the gym every day and we can accomplish a little more at home. But since that time.... Mia has been climbing, jumping , flipping, and sliding down everything. I mean everthing! Just ask my friends... yes they are not immune from Mia the climber.
In other Mia news...
We still have not decided what Mia wants to do for her birthday party this year. She changes her mind daily. First it was a bowling party... until she found out that real bowling was not as easy as Wii bowling. Then there was chuck-E cheese(?!), gymnastics, cupcake, and a spy party. Right now I think that she still wants a spy party. If you have any ideas for a spy party... please "clue" me in!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

If your child were a Disney character who would it be?

Yeah for Mother's Day! I love my children! I woke up to an interesting sight this morning and I'll share it with you here a little later... this experience made me think of a certain Disney character. So I was trying to decide which of all the vast Disney characters best reminded me of my own children.

I am not sure if it is a Gardner thing for instance... Phil was always considered to be a little like Eeyore the donkey from Winnie the Pooh, but it is an interesting blog if nothing else.

Here goes:

Hannah... This was hard! She is so sweet and very helpful so I am going to say Snow White. She does not look anything like my beautiful Hannah... but still so sweet, helpful and sometimes a little naive. However... Hannah has a lot more ambition in life than just wanting some silly prince.

Whitney was a little easier. Whit has a lot of spunk and girlie attitude... she is a born leader... but she also has a very soft sensitive side. I decided to go with Kim Possible. Aside from the cheerleader thing (which also fits), Whitney is strong physically and mentally. She really could do anything that she wants to do, even saving the World, if needed.

Skipping Mia for the moment...

Jackson is a little young to put any major labels on him. But right now he is my Prince Charming! He is so wonderful. He loves his mom and is so low maintenance. I love it!

So here is the visual that brought me to this post...

Mia, my beautiful, browned eyed firecracker. What character is she? I woke up to see Jackson's toys put together like this. Yep this is a Mia creation. I wish it were a little bit surprising... but very little surprises me with Mia.

I guess that I could go with Jasmine for Mia's look and fiery personality... but I really know who Mia is... She is Sid... yes... Sid from Toy Story.

Now I could go into detail, but anyone that knows her would have to agree.

So there it is! I would love to here who you associate with Disney characters!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's Fun to be the Mom and Dad... Just Not Today!

Gross out seems to be the theme right now... so I shall not disappoint.

Hannah became very sick to her stomach... and for some unknown reason ( I mean she is 11 years old) she did not make it to the bathroom in time to throw-up. Nope... in fact she did not make it to the bathroom to throw up until she had puked on every surface between herself and the bathroom. So I am going to give you all a visual of the road of puke. Not the actual puke... but the path of destruction.

So as we cleaned the couch, the carpet, the hardwood floors, the doors, the tile, and the toilet Jackson sat and dry heaved until it wasn't dry heaves and wallah, we had puke all over the kitchen.

Kids are fun like that sometimes.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

MMmm... Subway

So we have been enjoying the $5 footlong subs at Subway this month. This is a photo of what was on the floor next to us at the restaurant....
So we spent the rest of the time giggling when people would walk in and almost step in it. Richard and I are the worst example. What are we 12?! Finally, right before we left some one did step in it. We laughed.