Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whitney's Haircut

Whitney is growing up... she looks so much more mature with her new haircut.  It is very cute and she is super excited about it.  We just thought we would share.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My kids would love to have a dog!

Unfortunately for them I will NOT get them a dog. But fortunately for them we have some good friends that raise cute little dogs.  My kids beg me to take them over to their home so that they can hold the dogs.  After one visit Mia went to school the next day, she came home and said, "mom, I was really good... I almost went to the counselor."
"Why would you go to the counselor?,"I asked her.
"Because of the dogs, mom.  I want one so bad."
So I am apparently causing all sorts of emotional damage because I will not get them a dog.

By far Jackson is the most taken with the dogs... he LOVES them... Here are some of my favorite photos of him with the dogs.